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At North Star Productions, we understand that in 2024 having an engaging and beautiful website is just expected. Clients and potential clients are going online first to check out your products and services so looking like you mean business is essential! Videos, images and strong copywriting and all essential. This is the first step to creating a consistent sales flow from your ditigal marketing.

Lead Generation

87% of consumers begin search online

Attract QUALIFIED LEADS through your stone fab website

Ensure you are consistent across all platforms

Meet your clients where they are

Let's be honest, how many of your clients are double income families with busy professional lives and kids activities on nights and weekends. Most clients are not going to visit 10 showrooms before making their purchase. Consumers are shopping and researching online!

As fabricators, we are all busy running our business. Many of us don't realize the impact that our website has on our business. Your website is the salesperson that never sleeps! Keeping an updated website with project photos and information about your company is no longer optional, it's a must!

North Star Productions will help you turn your website into an authentic and beautiful representation of you and your business so that clients are inspired to visit your showroom with their valuable time!



Having a website that is updated twice a year doesn't help your business grow. You need consistent posts and updates on your website to keep potential clients engaged and interested in your business.

North Star Productions will implement all the latest strategies and techniques to keep prospects interested in your business and looking forward to your next update!

Paid Ads

We have all heard the old boast "I've been running my business for 25 years and I've never done any advertising!"

That strategy may have worked in the past, but in 2023 and beyond, consumers have more options than ever. You're shop is competing with everyone from big box, to Chuck with a truck. Standing out in the crowd is harder than ever and grabbing that attention is more important than ever! Traditional media is very expensive to use and maintain and impossible to measure!

North Star Productions are experts in setting up and running and managing ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google to help you manage your ad budget and increase your visibility to get the leads you want! In addition, we use our own proprietary software to help you capture, communicate and manage those leads all in one location!

Social media

Social media content is incredibly powerful for increasing your reach and getting in front of more prospects!

North Star Productions will create and schedule posts for you using your own images to generate leads and increase your visibility on all of your platforms.


Reporting & performance optimization

There is so much more to marketing than set it and forget it. Managing marketing is like managing your CNC machine, it needs constant tweaking, maintenance and optimizing to run at it's best.

North Star Productions will meet with you monthly to review projects, benchmark against our KPIs and discuss how we can continue to grow your business and increase your ROI.

Reputation management

90% of consumers read reviews before engaging a business.

67% say that reviews impact their buying decision. This is

why you must have as many or more positive reviews as your

best competitors.

Ok so you put in the work and investment to get all those leads... will your sales team close them???

After 16 years of running our own stone shop, we know what can happen. You bring in the leads and your sales team drops the ball!

There's nothing more frustrating. Your team may not be big enough to justify a full time sales manager but you still need some support to keep your sales team accountable and closing all these leads!

We can help.

"When we realized the power of our digital marketing, we saw consistent and sustainable growth in our stone shop. We were always relying on builders and commercial bid work and it put a real strain on our cash flow. Traditional media like radio and print cost a fortune and never produced a desirable ROI. With the strategies we have learned and implemented we have created a consistent flow of retail traffic even in "slower markets" which has helped to make our stone shop a bullet-proof business."

Alyssa McKenna, Owner & General Manager - Luxury Granite, Quartz & Marble Ltd.

Commonly Asked Questions

I already have a website. What are my options?

First, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing your website for search engines by using relevant keywords, meta tags, and high-quality content. This helps improve your site's visibility in search results, particularly with a focus on local SEO to target nearby customers.

Additionally, content marketing is essential for engaging your audience. Creating informative content like blog posts, articles, and videos, as well as showcasing your expertise through case studies, keeps your website fresh and relevant.

Second, your online presence can be further strengthened through social media engagement. Actively use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to share high-quality images of your work and engage with your audience. Paid online advertising campaigns can also help you reach your target audience on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed and engaged, and online reviews are crucial for building trust.

Finally, regularly update your website, monitor analytics, and adapt your strategies based on what works best for your stone fabrication shop and your audience.

How do you know this program is right for my stone shop?

We aren't here to sell you something that you don't need. We have literally been in your shoes for 16 years! The last thing that we want to do is to try to convince you that you need something if it won't provide value to you and help you grow your business. We love to learn about other business owners and see if there is a fit so book a free call, no commitment!

Do you offer custom packages?

For marketing services, we stick to the program. This allows us to provide predictable and repeatable results for our clients. But for general consulting services, we can certainly offer custom services to help owners or key staff get the results they need for their shops!

What makes you different than other marketing agencies?

As you've probably already figured out, we owned and operated our own stone shop for 16 years. We love this industry and are well aware of the many challenges that come from running your own business. If you're experiencing a problem now, and I'm certain there are many, we've probably been there, done that. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses using the sales and marketing techniques that we learned while running our group of companies.

What other services do you provide, aside from marketing?

We offer sales consulting for stone shops including but not limited to: fractional sales management, and sales system consulting and implementation. We also offer CEO and second in command growth partner consulting. We know what it's like to be in the trenches alone everyday. Having someone with first hand experience to help you navigate next steps can save you time and money and help you to avoid some of the less than obvious and costly mistakes that entrepreneurs commonly make.

OK, so we got the leads in the door but they just aren't closing. What can we do?

This problem is more common than you think. In fact, it might be the most common objection to doing more marketing for stone shops. Every sale starts with getting the lead. Once you get the lead, it's up to your sales team to close it. If your sales team is underperforming, we can help. Don't have a sales system to track your team's activities??? Let's book that free call, ASAP!

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